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Community Children's Center was formed in 1970 by a group of Mansfield women who recognized that there was a growing need for a day care center as an alternative to morning nursery schools and baby sitters. They began fundraising and became incorporated. Tentative arrangements for staffing were made and a waiting list was started. The Unitarian Fellowship of Storrs was willing to share their building with CCC and, in September of 1970, CCC opened its doors.

CCC had another grand opening, ribboncutting and all, at its new building on Mansfield City Road in July of 2004. This was after three years of hard work, creative drive, and commitment by cooperative members and community volunteers. We secured our loan through the USDA Rural Development program, designed our space, and worked together to make it all happen. This was a true labor of love which made CCC's continued existence possible and invited our community to grow even more in strength and number.Top


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CCC has continued to develop along with the field of early care and education, retaining dependable high quality over the years while keeping current with progressive early childhood standards and practices. Our program is accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children and licensed by the state of Connecticut. 

Our curriculum is play based and supports the many areas of a young child’s development.  We especially think a lot about social development: How do children learn to feel comfortable and express themselves with peers or in a group?  How do children learn when to compromise for a friend or a group activity?  For preschoolers, these are among the big questions that occupy the ‘play hours’.  For toddlers we work with their developing language skills, particularly as related to social and personal needs:  How can a child learn to ask for an object or some help?  How do they learn to listen to each other?  It is an exciting time of transformation for both groups. 

Our group sizes are small by design, with teacher:child ratios that are based on the needs of the group.  In this way we can get to know the children well and allow the curriculum to grow to their interests.

CCC is a cooperative 501(c)3 nonprofit, with a board of directors peopled by both parents and staff. Families contribute to the wellbeing of the school in many ways, to the extent that they can. Our largest whole group endeavors happen on two work weekends, one in the Fall and one in early Spring, when families work together to help build, clean, paint, and maintain CCC's facilities. Parents have the option to do work at home, or to pay a fee instead of contributing their time and energy. Additionally, families get together for social gatherings several times a year.Top


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CCC has two daily time slots, with arrival and departure time flexible to suit each family's needs.  The morning slot begins at 7:30 am and ends at 12:30 pm, and includes a lunch that each family provides for their own child.  The afternoon slot begins at 12:30 pm and ends at 5:30 pm and includes a rest or nap from about 1:00 to 2:30 pm depending on each child's needs.  Other activities which are included in both the morning and the afternoon time slots are indoor play, outdoor play, group time with stories or singing, and a snack.

Each child who attends CCC becomes a member of one of two groups.  The toddlers (18 months to approximately 3 years) are called Ninos.  The preschoolers (approximately 3 to 5 years) are called Hugglers.  Parents are welcome to enroll their children for any combination of slots, with a minimum of 3 slots per week for Ninos, and 4 slots per week for Hugglers.  This minimum frequency of attendance is designed to support children as they become familiar and comfortable with new friends, adults, and routines.

Families provide both lunch and snacks for their child to enjoy at CCC. Snack and lunch times at CCC are a wonderful time to practice conversation skills while enjoying nourishment together. Teachers sit with the children as part of the regular daily schedule, supporting both these emerging social skills and emerging self-care skills. Children are encouraged to work towards independence and self-sufficiency – from opening their own lunchboxes and containers to feeding themselves to cleaning up after themselves. Teachers are always close by to lend a helping hand and scaffold the learning around discrete skill development.

CCC's board of directors, committees, and fundraising functions depend on parent volunteers. Parents are requested to attend at least one board meeting a year and we strongly encourage attendance at more than that. We recoginze how busy life can be, especially life with young children, and understand that families will participate in CCC life in ways that feel most manageable. Whether you are able to serve on the board or join us at a potluck, your presence and contributions are most welcome and appreciated - and you'll likely have some fun and make some friends along the way.Top


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Tuition is charged by the month (except for July and August) and all the months are billed the same regardless of holidays, snow days, etc.  The summer months are billed in two-week sessions to allow families flexibility in taking vacations.  Tuition is due on the first of the month, in advance.  Tuition paid after the tenth of the month is subject to a 10% late payment fee.

CCC requires a non-refundable initial enrollment fee of $350.  Additionally, there is a $50.00 registration fee for each child registered, due in advance of the beginning of each contract period (Fall, Spring, and Summer).  Registrations are accepted on a first come, first served basis and slots are not guaranteed until registrations have been received in writing.  The registration contract represents the parents' commitment to continue the chosen schedule through the semester.Top

Please feel free to contact us for our current tuition rates.

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Our main registration times for summer sessions and the fall semester are in late April and for the spring semester are in late December.  We also fill any openings we may have throughout the year.

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Community Children's Center is an equal opportunity provider and employer.