• CCC is quite simply the best preparation for the world that a child could have. As a member or the "Children's Community", a child learns about rules and manners, and fun and play, and responsibility and care and compassion; but most of all, she learns what it is to be child. A true child is not so much a helpless "dependent" as an intrepid discoverer. In the best of worlds (to which CCC points) children would approach their days with carefree joy and curiosity. We are eternally grateful that our children experienced what childhood should be like, and we know that their experiences would not have been possible without a caring, dedicated and knowledgeable staff.
  • We've met so many wonderful people at CCC. As parents, we haven't been shy to pick up tips from the CCC staff on how to deal with children. With three children, we understand that one is always becoming the parent that one wishes to be. We have learned from CCC staff the important of patience, compassion and imagination in dealing with children. We realize from their example that parenting is much more art than science.
  • For us, CCC has been an enchanted world. Our children were happy there. They truly viewed it as a "home away from home." Consider us life-long supporters of CCC. We are heart-broken that our children are done with their "second home," but we are joyful that CCC has trained them up to face the world...

    Yours Sincerely,
    Jerry and Mary

  • Words cannot express how wonderful you have been to our daughters over the years... Your kindness, care and sincerity will never be forgotten. You have been more like a family to us than child-care providers. I always speak highly of CCC when it comes to our friends who are just starting their families, and will continue to do so. Again, thank you all for being so good at what you do.

    Lots of Love and Hugs,
    Sharon and Brian

  • THANK YOU for taking such good care of us both!! Being our 1st and only experience with daycare, motherhood, etc. I know that we came with many needs. Each of you, individually, have contributed to a feeling of ease and comfort with our place at CCC. Collectivelly, you make us proud to be a part of the CCC community and have taught us things that have far exceeded our expectations.
  • We want to thank you all for being such an excellent staff. We like when you take children outside every AM and PM (rain or shine). We like that you teach everybody to respect each others and be responsible of their own actions. We like the reading times and teaching about animals and insects, about nature. Thank you to the teachers.
  • She really grew up at CCC, and you had such a big part of her becoming herself. Over the past three plus years, we have marveled at how lucky we were to stumble into CCC and know very much that CCC is no typical childcare center. How incredibly fortunate we were to have you be such a big part of our daughter's life and how confident we are about the foundation she received at CCC.
  • Your respect for our daughter, for her peers, and for us was so evident in all aspects of our CCC experience. We never felt like any of our concerns were too minor to discuss with you, and we knew that process was the same for our daughter. Your support of her autonomy and confidence in her choices and ability to problem solve has helped her to grow increasingly confident and assertive in advocating for herself and what she needs.

    - Susannah and Mike

  • It is hard to believe that our daughter's time at CCC is coming to an end. She has learned, changed, and grown so much, and we truly appreciate the kind of throughtfulness, support, and encouragement you have given her. We are sad for her to leave, but are certain that her experience at CCC helped lay a foundation that will help hold her up throughout her life. We thank all of you for that.



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    Thumbs Up
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    Let Us Read
  • work weekend


    Work Weekend
  • ribboncutting


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    More Ribboncutting
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    Cutting steadily...
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    Our bus in its new home
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    Ready to grow
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    Sand Picnic
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    Pouring Sand into a Bottle
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  • fingerpainting


  • featherpainting


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    Colored Pencils
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    Art Area
  • getting ready to quilt


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    Colored Blocks
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    Block Path
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    Block Road
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    Block Building
  • field trip to Horsebarn Hill


    Field Trip
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  • working together...


    Finding a felled tree
  • clean up after a storm


    Working together
  • collaboration


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    Painting with Red
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    Reaching to Paint
  • teaching technique


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  • newly hatched butterfly


    Newly Hatched Butterfly
  • getting ready to fly


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    Reading with a Teacher
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    Cooperative Play
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  • making playdough


    Making Playdough
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    Wagon Ride
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    Snowboarding on a Sled
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    Book Selection
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    Reading Together
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